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So last night - Lightspeed Champion, Operator Please and Ox Eagle… - 'the' scarlett perky goth [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Apr. 26th, 2008|12:23 pm]
'the' scarlett perky goth
[mood |tiredtired]

So last night - Lightspeed Champion, Operator Please and Ox Eagle Lion Man at Charlie Browns in Luton. Phoned to check door times - 8.30pm so mooched around - had a drink with a co-worker and met Rich at the station at 7.30pm.

Found the venue (literally 5 mins from the station - weirdly no distinguishing marks - but could hear sound check inside) Went and had a drink and some gorgeous Thai food at the Railway Tavern (delivered from the takeaway next door!) which was ace - tiny little pub too and the food was cheap and as lovely as any thai food I've had.

Went to queue up at 8.30pm and finally got in at 9pm!! Gawd I must be getting old - but I like it when a gig's at least partially over by 9pm! Anyways to the bands - Ox Eagle Lion Man - kinda melodramatic Nick Cave-y sounding - bought the vinyl single and got them to sign it. Operator Please - ace but the crowd were a bit shite and Amandah didn't look happy at all ... still good to hear the songs live though.
Lightspeed Champion - well- I'd really gone to see Operator Please - but stayed to watch and was glad I did - nice tunes. Got myself a t-shirt and some badges - altogether a nice evening - even if I did get home later than I would have done for a London gig !!