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dawnkitten's Journal

'the' scarlett perky goth
24 December 1977
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'I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours- but I think that God's got a sick sense of humour- and when I die I expect to find him laughing'

'Who knows what goes on in her pretty little head'

Don't bother- miaow

The Circumradiant Dawn

Just trying to put some punk back into punctured lung

Welcome to the suck

'Porn, shrimp and the remote'

adam and joe, air, alternative music, aphex twin, aronofsky, basement jaxx, bauhaus, being a 'chiefette', being fluffy, being indecisive, bill hicks, birthday party, bjork, blokes in eyeliner, boston legal, cats, champagne, charlie brooker, chuck palahniuk, clubbing (dancing not seals), corsets, coupland, covenant, cute comedians, cyberpunk, dancing 'til dawn, dark chocolate, darkwave, david bowie, dead can dance, derren brown, e.r., ebm, editors, eion bailey, electroclash, emily strange, fischerspooner, fist of fun, flirting, foamy, franz ferdinand, funeral for a friend, funky hair dye, gabriel garcia marquez, garbage, gibson, goth stuff, green wing, him, hitchcock, hot sex, idlewild, industrial music, interpol, james spader, japanese horror, jarmans, jimmy carr, joy division, kafka, kaiser chiefs, ladytron, larrikin love, laughter, lee and herring, leeds festival, london below, loveliness, mark thomas, massive attack, matt berry, maximo park, medium, meerkats, miss kittin, morrissey, my chemical romance, n'awlins, nathan barley, new order, new romanticism, nick cave, nine inch nails, nip/tuck, out of sight, paul thomas anderson, perky goth, peter sarsgaard, pixies, pj harvey, pornography, portishead, prague, pro-choice, pulp, punk rock, pvc, pwei, qotsa, rickywilsonisthesweetestmanalive, rob newman, rothko, roxy music, royksopp, scissor sisters, sex, shawn christensen, sheep on drugs, siouxsie and the banshees, slimelight, slipknot, smartly dressed blokes, smiling, something positive, stellastarr*, stephenson, steven soderbergh, stricken city, talking heads, the cribs, the damned, the endless, the futureheads, the go! team, the long blondes, the mary whitehouse experience, the raveonettes, the research, the smiths, the spores, therapy?, tim key, tom basden, two tone, urban decay, velvet underground, vnv nation, william blake, wilt, wolfsheim